About the Therapists

Hi, I’m Emily, one of the founders of Intuitive Therapeutic Massage of Long Island and a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2014. Even before becoming a massage therapist, it was important to me to be in a career that had a positive impact on people’s lives. I moved from the world of non-profit to massage, where I get to work hands-on with women from every background and make them feel amazing!

When my stress was at its peak, so were my migraines. I didn’t want to rely on pills and injections to just function normally. I was never offered true solutions, like changing my diet or getting a massage, and that frustrated me. When I asked my neurologist about massage, it was brushed off as if it would have no impact on my quality of life. I felt extremely let down by the healthcare system and I wanted to be part of changing it for the better.

In college, my roommate was a dance major and I learned from her how beneficial massage was for her sore muscles. Once I tried it, I discovered it helped relieve the pain in my shoulders from sitting at my desk. I discovered I was actually good at giving massages to other people too, and then I realized what an incredible gift it was to anyone suffering from pain, tension, or symptoms of anxiety and knew I wanted to become a massage therapist.

Massage has changed my life; not just by helping my headaches, but by teaching me to relax, and helping me when I felt crippled by symptoms of anxiety. I’ve learned it’s okay to be vulnerable, and it’s okay to feel like you can’t handle everything- the most important thing is to take time to connect with yourself.

I love the moment when someone finally melts into the table and allows themself to hit the pause button on their brain. Making my clients feel like the table is their own private, safe space is my favorite part of my job. I especially love providing natural pain and stress relief for women who suffer from headaches, migraines, or the constant need to overachieve, like me.

Outside of being a massage therapist, I’m a wife, a hiker, camper, traveler, writer, jewelry maker, voice-over talent, and hopeless nerd. I’m passionate about learning and experiencing new things. If I could go to school for a living, I would take that job in an instant! I love getting to know new people and discovering their personal journey, and look forward to meeting you soon!

Hi, my name is Desiree Price, a licensed massage therapist since 2011 and the co-founder of Intuitive Therapeutic Massage of Long Island.

My path towards helping women started years ago, way before I entered the amazing field of therapeutic massage. I was the girl my friends would always come to for advice or when they needed comfort. Then, in 2004 my life completely changed; I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 34. Now I was the girl that needed to be comforted. I was emotionally challenged and drained with not knowing what my future held. I was married and a mother of 3 at the time and it was a terrifying reality to face.

With love and support from family and friends, I was able to gain a lot of strength. I became highly active in taking responsibility for my health and from that point on, my eyes were open to the powerful benefits of massage. After surviving this disease, I began my courses at New York College of Health Professions in Syosset, NY where I earned my degree as a licensed massage therapist.

Through my studies and life lessons, I have learned to have a great awareness and deep respect for the mind and body and its ability to heal. After these experiences, I knew exactly what my purpose was in life. It was to give back everything that I learned and experienced and pour it back into women who needed it. I believe we as women have an innate ability to understand one another, and that's why it's my mission to help women find relief from chronic physical and emotional pain.

With great compassion and empathy, I am here to offer hope and aid in the healing process. My goal is to allow you to feel safe while partnering with you in your pain relief journey and empowering you to heal. I am greatly honored to work each of my clients, and am honored for the opportunity to support you.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and my girlfriends, and I also love being outdoors, traveling, and singing.