Covid Safety Procedures

Safety and Appointment Procedures

  • The waiting area will be closed for waiting in order to minimize unnecessary contact.
  • You may not bring anyone to your appointment. If someone comes with you they must
    drop you off outside.
  • No one can enter the office without a mask. Masks will be worn the entire time, except in
    the prone (face down) position during a massage. No mask, no massage, no exceptions.
  • Clients will need to arrive within 5 minutes of their appointment. There will be no early
    entrance into the office. You may not wait inside the office, even for 5 minutes. If you
    arrive more than five minutes earlier than your appointment you will wait outside or in
    your car. Please knock on the office door when you arrive within your five-minute
  • If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, we are not able to extend
    your session. We are booking with large amounts of time in between in order to have
    time for cleaning and to maintain social distance between clients.
  • If you are diagnosed with Covid-19 after having an appointment with us, please notify us.
  •  If either therapist is diagnosed we will contact every client we have seen in the past 2

Our Safety and Cleaning Plan

  • All doorknobs and hard surfaces will be wiped after each client leaves the office.
  • All bottles and jars will be wiped down after use. Disposable cups will be used for
    creams in order to limit cross-contamination
  • Each client is provided with clean linen. There will be no reusable top blanket.
    Everything will be washed freshly for each client.
  • Massage tables will be covered in waterproof plastic underneath the sheets and wiped
    down after each client.
  • Clients are free to bring their own pillowcase or face cradle cover to put their faces on if
    they choose.
  • Practitioners and clients will wear masks at all times (except when the client is lying face
  • Practitioners will wear face covers, eye covers, and smocks which will be wiped clean
    with each new client, as per NYS.
  • Windows will be cracked open for circulation when possible
  • We will treat hard surfaces with a UVC light for additional disinfection
  • We will provide hand sanitizing stations in the waiting area and each room

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