Why Choose Intuitive Therapeutic Massage?


We take pride in our office being immaculate. We thoroughly sanitize every surface before and after every treatment so you feel safe and comfortable. We adhere to all Covid-19 regulations provided by NY State.

Safe Space

We provide a safe space for women to feel comfortable and relaxed. This is a judgment-free zone where you can be yourself and get the personal attention you need.

Valued Time

Full session time guaranteed provided you arrive 5 minutes before your treatment starts. We honor your time with us, so there are no shortcuts when it comes to your session. We don’t give conveyor belt service and each client gets personalized attention before, during, and after the massage.

It’s All About You

The sessions are designed around your treatment goals. We will make professional recommendations based on your intake interview, and this will be explained in detail, however, the treatment plans will only be done with your approval. If something is outside our knowledge or scope of practice, we will provide you with the necessary resources so you can get your desired results.

Cash Savings

Gratuities are not expected. We no longer charge for upgrades (Essential oils, hot towels, specialty creams, cold stones, etc). We provide the necessary tools to help assist with pain relief and relaxation in all our therapeutic massages.

Women Healing Women

There are great women in our lives who have been instrumental in our personal healing. We are on a mission to give back what has been given to us and through that, we have built a community of women who want to support one another. If that is you, please check out our resource page to connect with other like-minded partners in the community.

Frequently Asked Questions